The reason I chose Broughton Pre School is because although I hadn’t visited the school physically (due to location/situation) I felt confident in their ability to fulfil my children’s needs. I felt a strong sense of care and support during my phone calls with them as I was choosing a pre-school, they seemed extremely invested in looking after my 2 boys with the questions they asked and the interest taken.

The staff have been very helpful and often flexible towards my needs as a parent and allowing my children to flourish under their care, they have achieved so much in the 2 years they have been a part of this big family.

One of my sons has special education needs he has received all the support he needs and desires, by creating amazing bonds with the staff and children – being able to progress in his social and educational learning.

Because of the inspiring care, support and attitudes by everyone at Broughton Pre School, it has motivated me to go into childcare as a career and I will be forever thankful for that.J.S

July 2019

Being first time parents the idea of sending our son to nursery was a daunting prospect, with many perceived obstacles. Such as, would he be ok at nap time? How was he going to sit in a chair and eat at lunch time? As soon as he started at Broughton Pre School, all of these worries vanished, the amazing staff are so reassuring and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to your child’s individual routine and needs.

Seeing the staff interact with the children is truly inspiring, they all know the children so well individually and listen intently to everything they have to say and answer any question regardless of how trivial with genuine interest and care.
I believe our son has truly thrived in their amazing Pre School and sending him was one of the best decisions we have made for him! L&I.

July 2019

Today Bertie, Elsie and I say goodbye to you and the friends we have made. You are truly awesome. As practitioners, you are hugely skilled, eminently professional and wonderfully impactive. You truly are amongst the most phenomenal early years professionals I have ever experienced.
I cannot eloquently express the positive impact you have had on my children. Your key-person system is highly successful. For example, you welcomed my shy, insecure and anxious son and nurtured, supported and empowered him. His personal, social and emotional development has been expertly supported and he has flourished. Bertie is now confident, self-assured and is proud of his achievements. Likewise, you expertly met the needs of the tiny two-year-old, Elsie. She has loved her time with you and skipped in to each session. The outstanding quality of education is evident. Even as a two-year-old, she would confidently demonstrate her literature development. For example, she would explain the role of an author and illustrator, and what the ‘blurb’ is.
My children have flourished in your care, and for that I will be eternally grateful to you.
I cannot recommend Broughton Preschool highly enough, and my husband and I are so very grateful to you, particularly Bertie and Elsie’s awesome key person, Miss Unsworth. J&A.T

July 2019

We viewed a number of other pre-schools and childcare options for our daughter but as soon as we looked around Broughton Pre-School we knew instantly that it was the right choice for her. Our daughter has attended the pre-school for two wonderful years and while we will be very sad to leave as she moves on to primary school, the team at pre-school have made sure our daughter is ready for the next step.

Our daughter loves the outdoors so the pre-school setting was ideal for her and come whatever the weather they always seem to brave the elements and learn about what each of the seasons has to offer.

The community at pre-school is one of the many things that makes it such a special place, the whole team are extremely attentive and always fully engaged with the children, as a family we couldn’t recommend this pre-school enough.  I must give a special mention to our daughter’s key worker, Ms Clark, she is exceptional and truly a credit to her profession always encouraging the children to explore the world and learn new skills. It is truly a magical place for any child to experience. K.Y

August 2019

I could not speak more highly about Broughton preschool. The ladies there have created a  safe and nurturing environment for our children to learn and play.  My son is making lots of friends and has developed a lovely relationship with the staff. I really like the emphasis on literacy and story telling in the sessions, and the attention that is focused on building the foundations of their school learning journey. My son particularly loves the outdoor space and the frequent ‘walks’ to explore the areas around preschool. He is always so excited to tell me the things he has done at preschool that day. I’m so happy we chose Broughton preschool and really cannot recommend it enough. C.C

August 2019

I feel that Broughton Pre-school is one of the best around. The pre-school itself is set in a beautiful location with a stimulating indoor and outdoor environment. The way the pre-school flows has really helped my children grow and develop curiosity for both indoor and outdoor learning. What they can do indoors they can also do outdoors. The staff are amazing and have helped my children settle really well into pre-school life which they both love. One of my children has additional needs and his key Person is a tower on strength for both my son and our family. She never gives up, no matter how challenging his behaviour is and is always available when i need support or advise of what to do next. I would definitely recommend Broughton Pre-school to anyone who wants a caring & nurturing, exciting & stimulating place for their child to learn and grow where they see the potential in every chid as an individual. SM

September 2019